Transcript in Lobby

Sellers can now see the transcription in the Lobby.
  • Catch up before joining: Previously, the transcription was only accessible within the meeting itself or after the meeting in the meeting hub. Now, sellers can conveniently access the transcription directly from the Lobby, enabling those joining a meeting late to catch up on important discussions and content before joining.
  • Seamless participation: The Lobby transcription visibility ensures that all participants, regardless of their joining time, are equipped with the necessary context and information to actively contribute and engage in the meeting.
How it works
  • Transcriptions in the Lobby: The transcription feature has been extended to include visibility within the Lobby interface. When accessing the meeting details or waiting to join, sellers can now review the real-time transcription, gaining valuable insights into ongoing discussions and updates.
  • Improved efficiency: With the Lobby transcription visibility, sellers can save time by quickly skimming through the transcription to understand the meeting's progress and main points without having to navigate to the meeting room or rely solely on meeting recordings.
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