Notes / Plan

Context-Aware Notes

Notes are context-aware
. Designed to enhance your comprehension and recollection of your team's notes and add a level of detail that goes beyond the traditional text-based notes. It's no longer just about what was discussed but also the nuances of how and why it was discussed.
Now, every note you jot down or checkbox you tick during a meeting doesn't just stand alone - it becomes a portal back to the exact moment in the meeting recording where it was created. This context-rich feature empowers you to dive back into the meeting at specific moments, providing a more detailed understanding of the circumstances surrounding each note.
Here's how it works
  • Note Linking
    : Each line of notes written during a meeting now comes with a timestamp. Clicking on this timestamp will take you back to the moment in the video recording when the note was taken.
  • Checkbox Actioned Linking
    : Similarly, each checked checkbox links back to the exact point in the recording when it was checked, providing you with valuable context about why that particular action was flagged as necessary.
Any changes before or after the meeting will show the date and time of the change and won't link to any specific point in the recording.
We hope this improvement will boost your team's productivity and efficiency in reviewing and understanding meeting outcomes. Your feedback is invaluable, so please share your thoughts on this improvement!
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